beautiful food with Aran Goyoaga

 Photo by Aran Goyoaga.

Photo by Aran Goyoaga.

We’re looking back at issue #9. Our food and gardening inspired issue is almost sold out. Grab your copy today. 

It’s no easy task; a mediocre food photograph is flat—unappetizing, without spark. An exceptional photograph of food, however, is full of life—the butter on that biscuit looks as though it could drip at any moment, the curl of steam coming up off a bowl of pho seems to twist and rise as you stare, salivating, at the frame. Styling and photographing food is the craft of making the viewer not only want to taste the food that’s presented, but making them believe they can already.

For issue #9, UPPERCASE contributor Tara O’Brady spoke with professionals in the food and photography industry to explore the ranging aesthetics, influences and passions of those who create and chronicle the delicious. 

 Aran Goyoaga

Aran Goyoaga

We caught up with Aran Goyoaga to see what she’s been up to since that issue came out.  

Have you had any new books/projects come out since issue #9?
My book Small Plates & Sweet Treats came out in October 2012 and it was named one of the top six books of 2012 by Good Morning America. I moved to Seattle nine months ago where I opened a photography studio where I teach workshops, bring other photographers to teach as well as hosting communal dinners. I also teach food styling and photography workshops all over the world so life has been really busy the last few years.

Are there any new trends in food or food styling that you’re seeing?
I think simplicity and a very natural style is still prominent, or at least that is what I respond to. I think the trend is back to neutrals and whites, but like everything, I don't like to think as food photography in terms of trends because each story deserves a mood and a perspective.

Has your style of photography changed since the issue came out? If so, how and why?
It has definitely changed also in the sense of simplicity. Moving to Seattle has also really muted my colours and my light inevitably and I have been very inspired by that. It has a new process of discovery.

What’s your favourite issue of UPPERCASE and why?
I loved the cover of issue 5 which I actually framed and hung in my daughter's room.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
I created a shop where people can view upcoming events in my studio and purchase tickets online. Stay tuned as I have great photographers coming to Seattle!

Visit Aran's blog Cannelle et Vanille for her recipe for roasted carrots with honey, sage and garlic (pictured above). You can read about Aran and her career as a food stylist in issue #9, our food and gardening inspired issue. Issue #9 is our oldest available back issue and is almost sold out.