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 Photo courtesy of Andrew and Carrie Purcell.

Photo courtesy of Andrew and Carrie Purcell.

As Janine is busy working on our forthcoming spring issue, we're looking back at a popular spring issue from a few years ago: issue #9. This issue was inspired by food and gardening. Issue #9 is the oldest available back issue available; once it is sold out it will not be reprinted so get your copy while you can. 

 Andrew and Carrie Purcell

Andrew and Carrie Purcell

For issue #9, UPPERCASE contributor Tara O’Brady spoke with professionals in the food and photography industry to explore the ranging aesthetics, influences and passions of those who create and chronicle the delicious. We caught up with Andrew Purcell to hear what he and his wife, food stylist Carrie Purcell, have been up to.

Have you had any new books and projects come out since #9 was released? 
Together we have had about 10 books come out, a few shot together and a few separately. A few highlights were books from Carrie: Feel Good Food by Giada De Laurentiis and What's For Dinner by Curtis Stone. For Me, Meatless by Martha Stewart and Year Round Slow Cooker for Taunton Press that we did together. We have also had about 15 magazine covers from magazines like Food Network, Martha Stewart Living, Country Living and many others.  

Are there any new trends in food or food styling that you’re seeing? 
Living in NYC we really see the restaurants start the trends. It's funny to see a food trend start to take off and then spend the next year photographing it like crazy for all the magazines trying to take advantage of the trend.


Has your style of photography changed? If so, how and why? 
I wouldn't say that our work has changed very much as our approach is the same, we just have a little more diversity to what we can do. From Carrie, having more control on all types of styling and myself being able to use different lighting and a different style depending on what the client is looking for. We both have more control than we did a few years back.

What’s your favourite issue of UPPERCASE and why? 
We of course have always loved our issue as we were featured with people we really like. But we have always been in love with the cover of issue #2. I'm a sucker for a great graphic cover.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?  
Our blog is about to relaunch as a better database for our recipes and images. We will have loads of new recipes and images every week.

Andrew and Carrie are longing for summer wanted to share their recipe for a summer drink (pictured above). You can read the entire piece by Tara (and get a copy of her recipe for butter-roasted walnuts with thyme honey) in issue #9