Show and Tell: Sugarcane Toddler


Ria Faust's company is Sugarcane Toddler. Her first mini collection of clothes will launch soon. There was an audible "awww" from the audience at 3 Fish Studios, registering their approval of the cuteness factor of Ria's clothing designs!

"Sugarcane has teamed up with Anthill Fabric Gallery for fair trade of native Filipino textiles. Anthill fabrics are intricately woven on wooden looms by artisan mothers, supporting their families and preserving their craft. These days indigenous fabrics see little use. In order to preserve the art of hand loom weaving, Sugarcane is exploring a new way of using traditional textiles with kids' clothes."

Ria's daughter Amelia (below, in the yellow dress) didn't quite have the stamina for the whole Show and Tell evening, so unfortunately Ria had to leave quickly after her presentation. Read Ria's post about her Show and Tell experience on the Sugarcane Toddler blog. Thank you, Ria, for an excellent presentation and lovely clothes.

wisam purple.jpeg