the halfway point


It’s halfway through my practicum here at UPPERCASE magazine so I thought I would give an update. 

So far during my practicum I’ve been able to see the ins and outs of UPPERCASE, help out with some blog posts and social media, and see the planning stages for Issue #22. 

It’s been great being able to see behind the scenes at UPPERCASE. I have been struck with how many details need to come together in order for the magazine to be published. From taking care of the sales in the online store, assigning content for new issues, taking photographs of the current issue, updating the website, monitoring social media, and all the while connecting with readers all over the world. Its a busy job running a magazine! 

One of the challenges I’ve experienced while at UPPERCASE has been writing creatively. After two years at college learning how to write news stories and press releases in strict formats, my creative writing skills are a bit rusty. It’s been good for me to experience writing in a different format. 

For the next week and a half I will be writing a few more blog posts, learning more about Janine’s process for planning the summer issue, and helping with whatever tasks I can around the office. 

It's been fun seeing the readers' excitement for the fresh issue on social media, and I'm looking forward to being part of that excitement next week as I finish up my practicum!