Share your colours and be published in UPPERCASE

Shae Leviston's paint palette

Shae Leviston's paint palette

For our summer issue, we're asking you to show us your colours. Paintboxes, dirty brushes, crayons bits, dusty pastels... our colourful tools tell a story about who we are as artists. The call for submissions is open to everyone—whether you're a professional illustrator, a seasoned artist, an art student, a dabbler... what does colour mean to you? 

Shae Leviston, an artist from Australia, submitted her paint palette (against a white background, as we request in our call for submissions) as well as examples of her work in progress. Great submission, Shae!

Shae writes: "As an artist colour is my whole world. Through my art work I can express myself in colour in infinitely more ways than words. In acrylics I can mix up every hue and show my emotions, inner world and imagination in the most subtle or wildest ways. As an intuitive artist, acrylics allow me to work quickly, work on varying surfaces and add so many other mediums to it to create collage and mixed media work. Through colour I can create the paintings that bring people joy, awaken their inner child and evoke delight and wonder."

Please review the submission guidelines here and submit soon. The deadline is May 1. (That's next week!!!)