"Before there was Photoshop, there was my Dad"

Our current call for submissions asks “What does colour mean to you?” In response, Naava Katz submitted these images of coloured inks whose beauty lies not only in their vibrant and transparent hues, but in the story of why she possesses the jars:

"Before there was Photoshop, there was my Dad. He had a long career as a commercial retoucher running his own studio in NYC. Art directors sent him their photographs and he would use tiny brushes and special inks to "color correct" their images. He did this all by hand. I grew up watching him work, surrounded by those colours. Now I am an illustrator with a little girl of my own. My Dad recently gave me all the inks he saved from his studio days to use in my art. The dropper caps are worn, but the colours are vibrant. I love when the sun bounces off their glass, like glistening heirlooms.”

The deadline for submissions has been extended until May 8. Submit here and share your colourful stories.