make your mother cry

One of the most memorable emails that I've ever received describes a funny and touching moment of a mother and son enjoying a copy of UPPERCASE magazine together:

My first issue came in the mail the other day and it's gorgeous! I'm so happy I subscribed. A colleague was teasing me with a couple of back issues she picked up, and I've been drooling over them ever since. Now I have my very own!

But I have to share a funny little tidbit with you. My college-age son, although he's a math/science kid, LOVES beautiful design. He came home for the weekend, and I showed him the issue. He cried. I kid you not. He opened up the book and was moved to tears by the totally awesome design. And then of course, that made ME cry. LOL So there we both were, all verklempt, looking at your magazine, weeping tears of joy.

So thank you for doing what you do! Now you can legitimately claim that your magazine is so wonderful, it moves people to tears. :-)