Prints & Ink


Melanie Yugo is the creative director of Spins & Needles, a record label and screenprinting studio in Ottawa. She and her partner Jason Pelletier have an multi-disciplinary event happening this weekend that sounds interesting. I'll let Melanie do the talking:

"We've been subscribers of UPPERCASE Magazine for a couple years now and have discovered the work of lots of emerging and established artists in print and design because of it. Also love that you're a Canadian bringing your perspective to the print world! 

Prints & Inks is a new celebration of the diverse field of print and graphic arts in Canada's capital. This weekend-long show will feature the work of exciting Canadian talent in print, illustration and design, alongside a pop-up shop, hands-on print activities, and a late-night art party. It takes place from June 20-22, 2014.

It'll be like art + design show meets DJ party meets interactive print workshop. 

Our motivation was to bring together the work of amazing Canadian talent from across the country in the capital. Many are showing here for the first time. It's also a space for people to learn more about these artists as well as creative processes like printmaking and illustration. This is our second instalment, and we are aiming to make it an annual event.

More about us: We're a music + making duo who produce events, including DIY + DJ parties, workshops, art shows, installations, and also run an indie record label. We're based in Ottawa but travel to different cities during the year for events."

Check out the Spins & Needles blog for studio tours and interviews with printmakers like Jenn Kitagawa, an Alberta College of Art & Design graduate whose work has appeared in UPPERCASE.

And, while we're on the topic, I'm working on printmaking as a theme for a forthcoming issue of UPPERCASE magazine, so if you'd like to share your work with me, please submit here.