Heather Dahl


Heather Dahl is a ceramicist from Vancouver whom I had the pleasure of meeting quite a few years ago at a Renegade Craft Fair where we were both exhibitors. Her ceramics, known under the name Dahlhaus, are beautifully simple—her designer's eye adds just the right amount of decoration and colour.

We feature Heather's work in Issue #21's Snippets pages where I ask her about the now-iconic rounded stripes that she uses to decorate her vases:

“I had made stripe paintings in art school and at some point translated stripes onto my ceramics. I liked the idea that my design grew vertically from the base of the pot (this references the action of throwing a vessel on the wheel from the bottom up). I was trying to find a solution to how far the pattern would extend on a piece and wanted the end of a stripe to just suddenly stop, but to curve back to the next stripe. I use a lot of masking tape to play with pattern in my work so was cutting different patterns and lining them up on my bottle vase form. The pairing of the curved stripes on the oval bottle vase just seemed like a perfect match!”

Heather's work is available through BRIKA, a curated shopping site that celebrates makers, crafters and quality goods. You can read more about Heather on BRIKA.

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The square photos in the post are all from Heather's Instagram. (Make sure you look for her colourful popsicle portraits!)