thank you for the thank you!

The open calls for submission have been so well-received lately — thank you for all your great contributions to #22. Now that this issue is "put to bed" (ie off to the printer), I emailed everyone who submitted and today I got this lovely photo back from Aunyarat Watanabe, an illustrator in Japan who was also a runner-up in the recent They Draw and Travel contest.

With so many great submissions and limited space in the magazine, I couldn't include everything. But I will share more here on the blog in the weeks to come. And the printer proofs are coming by courier on Monday, so I'll share pics of those on Instagram.

Would you like a nice pile of back issues, like Aunyarat has? You can now purchase our entire collection of available issues in our Back Issue Collection. And if you want to go all-in with UPPERCASE, add a subscription starting with #22 in there as well! The code "brightsummer" can be used for $10 off.