Making a Tartan with Donna Wilson (and friends!)

Donna Wilson was recently honoured with the task of designing a tartan for Aberdeen, Scotland, the area where she grew up. "Tartan is such an important part of our tradition and heritage, and we should never lose that," she says. "I hope to be able to make a difference to the manufacturers who will be weaving it and create something that will be a lasting symbol of Aberdeenshire.”

Donna worked with schoolchildren to select a palette that reflected the natural beauty of the region. They selected and refined the following colours:

Old Meldrum: A gold/copper inspired by the stills at the Glengarioch Distillery, and as one pupil point out-—it's also the colour of whisky!

Stonehaven: A pinky red seen in Aberdeenshire sunsets, and a colour often spotted at the infamous 'Aunt Betty’s' sweetshop in Stonehaven.

Aboyne: A frosty lichen green found in the Ladywood Forest.

Fraserburgh: A lilac/blue symbolizing the seas and skies around Fraserburgh.

Kintore: A forest green from all the woodlands around Kintore.

Harvest: A barley colour that reminded Donna of the farm where she grew up, and her favourite time of year.

Peterhead: A minty green from the seas and sea spray of Peterhead.

The tartan can be purchased by the yard or as a scarf on Donna's website.