Shelley takes her illustration for a walk

Shelley Davies (the talented and generous illustrator of the current cover) took her collage for a walk in her beautiful garden. And then she took it to the beach!

Shelley is a joy to work with and is so generous to me with her creativity... these photographs just showed up in my inbox as a surprise!

In addition to collage, Shelley also explores painting, photography and dreams of illustrating a children's book. If any of my enterprising and publishing readers are looking for an illustrator, get in touch with Shelley. And if you're looking to follow a blog full of excellent discoveries on creativity and art, her blog is a great resource.

Take your illustrations and sketchbooks for a walk in the great outdoors this weekend. Share your images on Twitter and Instagram #illustrationoutside #uppercasereader @uppercasemag. Have a good weekend!