Happy Cat


Cat Bennett is an illustrator and author who is featured in the current issue with a fun interview by Vicki Turner. Cat wrote in when her copy of the magazine arrived: "I came home last night to find my copy of UPPERCASE!!! Wow, what a thrill to open it! I am in the company of so many inspiring young artists and know I’ll be getting tons of pleasure poring over their work!" She goes on to say, "It is a fantastic resource of inspiration and so beautifully designed. I especially love how you find and give space to so many different artists from all over the world. I think you are part of changing the paradigm by honouring the artist in all of us!" Thanks, Cat!

Cat has a new book launched this month: The Drawing Club of Improbable Dreams: How to Create a Club for Art. Here's the book description:

"The Drawing Club of Improbable Dreams shows how to create a drawing club to grow our art and creative selves. What makes this drawing club different from a regular drawing class is the one rule we apply to all we do. Rather than looking for what’s wrong, we look for what’s strong and interesting, for what we love and what we most desire, and then we learn how to build on that. The book gives instructions for how to get going and lesson plans for three full 8-week sessions that will take a club through its first year. The exercises are designed to hone skills, visual thinking and the ability to explore freely without fear of mistakes. We learn too how a club can become a sanctuary for creative exploration and for being the artists we dream of being."