Compendium book still open for submissions!

 Images submitted by  Sarah Amijo

Images submitted by Sarah Amijo

I'm still accepting submissions for the UPPERCASE Compendium of Craft and Creativity! I've received 78 submissions so far and am aiming for 100 or more, so still a ways to go! The form will be open until at least the end of the month. 

The beautiful images above were submitted by illustrator Sarah Amijo, from Jakarta. Here are some of her answers to the questionnaire...

Please describe your workspace:
I am most productive while working inside my studio apartment. I would do most of my sketches and outlining at night, and draw them the next morning. Natural sunlight does not only let me color more accurately, but it also gives me a much needed mood boost to color wholeheartedly. My workspace is surrounded by inspiring books and creative magazines to ensure ample source of inspirations.

Why are you a maker? Why are you passionate about your craft?
I have drawn hundreds of illustrations, but I still feel a great euphoria when I finish coloring any projects. Colouring feels a lot like giving an inanimate paper a breath of life, with my brush slowly filling the life force of the character stroke-by-stroke. I also feel no greater joy than when a customer picks one of my illustration as a representation of themselves or gift it to their loved ones. These feelings are the things that drives me to create more adorable character illustrations.

To see more examples, please see the updated Compendium page.