I bought 50,000 postage stamps on eBay!

Sometimes I think I publish magazines and books (The Typewriter comes to mind!) solely so that I can justify time spent on eBay searching for weird and wonderful things. Getting these things is a business expense, after all! So this weekend I bought a carton of stamps: 50,000 loose stamps from 1870s through the 1970s that will be inserted into glassine envelopes and shared with all current UPPERCASE subscribers.

I can't wait for it to all arrive and to start parcelling up the stamps into pretty and inspiring little bundles for you guys! I'm going to need help, though, so if you're in Calgary and available the week of June 15 for some total stamp immersion, please be in touch. thanks!

Subscribe or renew before June 10 to get one of the glassine envelope stamp packs inserted into your issue. (And just to reiterate: if you have an existing subscription, you'll get the glassine envelope of stamps with issue 26. It's a bonus for being a subscriber!)