Mapping Memories (in Washi Tape)

We featured illustrator and blogger Sara Barnes in issue 24 and she recently got in touch to introduce me to her latest project, Speckled Canary. Speckled Canary produces "fun, sometimes-collaborative art projects on a global scale."

Let's let Sara describe the inaugural project:

The project is called Mapping Memories, and it revolves around washi tape. Isn't that stuff great? It has so many bright colours and patterns—everything is more fun with washi! Mapping Memories takes advantage of these slightly-transparent tapes and invites participants to make art with it. 

Theme: The project theme is "memories," (your memories, specifically). Once someone is done, they will send their finished piece to me and I will add it to a special map showcasing everyone's washi tape memories around the world. See what that map looks like—it's a custom Google map

Partnership: Speckled Canary has partnered with the wonderful online ship, Omiyage. They've generously provided an exclusive discount code for participants.

Contest: There's a contest aspect to Mapping Memories, with prizes for the top three artworks. Omiyage and Speckled Canary are providing prizes. 

No tape? No problem! There are so much variety in washi tape that it can be overwhelming to choose! For participants who don't have any tape, we're offering a special "Washi Tape Starter Kit" that comes with 5 rolls of custom-selected tape from the following brands: MT, maste, and Classiky. The kit is $15 and available internationally. 

For those who already have a ton of tape, the cost to participate is cut by a third - $3 gets you into the project + an exclusive promo code for 20% off anything in the Omiyage shop.  

The deadline for signing up is August 16.