Be Mine Back Issues

Every once in a while, I have a back issue sale. I have to pay rent on all the inventory, so it is nice to reduce the number of boxes now and again, especially with a new issue from January piled up high. It's your chance to stock up on back issues of the magazine for just $10 Canadian apiece (that's $7 US dollars). This time, I've also got the current issue on sale for $10 as well.

For new readers, I hope you'll enjoy getting to know UPPERCASE through the back issues and then support the magazines future issues with a subscription. You can purchase the current issue #28 at $10 and also get a subscription starting with issue #29 (April).

For loyal readers, you can fill some of the missing gaps in your collection or get some extra copies as gifts. (Sorry, those shown as sold out are completely out of stock unless you bribe my parents for an extra copy of the early issues.)

 Cover by Seb Lester

Cover by Seb Lester

Of note, issue #23, the calligraphy and lettering issue is down to just 57 copies. It won't be reprinted, so I recommend starting with this one for sure!

Thanks for your support of independent publishing. It's pretty amazing to look back at all these many years of creativity!