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It has been two years since The Typewriter: A Graphic History of the Beloved Machine was released into the world. It feels so very long ago! But when I think of all the books and magazines I've released in those months... 8 issues of UPPERCASE, plus Feed Sacks, Stitch*illo and Botanica... it is safe to say I've kept myself busy since then.

It was a book I felt compelled to create—not only from a personal interest in typewriters and, in particular, their associated memorabilia and ephemera—but because there wasn't yet a book that chronicled this graphic history of typewriters. Since 2015, there have been a number of typewriter-related books released, each with their own perspectives. There's also a new film called California Typewriter by Doug Nichol (currently playing at Toronto's Hot Docs) that features famed typewriter collector Tom Hanks, among others. (Although the director originally contacted me about being part of his film, his project took a different direction. Alas, I missed my one-and-only chance to be in a movie with Tom Hanks!)


So even if my brush with Hanks and Hollywood didn't come to pass, there's a bit of my typewriter project living on in the vicinity: a selection of my vintage ads is currently on display at, a creative community writing space, coffeehouse and bookshop in Orange, California.

Installation Shots - The Typewriter 1036.JPG

I'm happy to say that my book is still very unique its direction and the quality of its graphic design and production. And since the subject matter is already out-of-date, the ephemera collected within the book only get older and more interesting. (Like the rest of us, one hopes!)

Installation Shots - The Typewriter 1046.JPG

The exhibition is up through November. I was also interviewed by Jon-Barrett Ingels for the center's podcast: The How, The Why. Click here to listen as we chat typewriters and publishing, two things that go very well together!

Installation Shots - The Typewriter 1034.JPG

The Typewriter can be purchased in person at, via my webshop if you're in North America and for folks overseas, it is available through Central Books. It makes a wonderful gift for writers, typewriter lovers and design history enthusiasts!

Photo by The Paper Trail Diary. Read their review of the book  here .

Photo by The Paper Trail Diary. Read their review of the book here.