Beautiful Botanica

Botanica book cover photo by Antonio Valente.jpg

Gorgeous! This photo is by Antonio Valente, one of the many dozens of talented and creative people profiled in Botanica. You can see more on his Instagram.

Antonio is a flower grower in Ontario, Canada. He recently launched his new website in which he shares his story: "I’ve been gardening all my life, but I actually come from a long line of avid vegetable growers. I’m currently growing flowers where my father and grand-father once grew their veggies. While I never quite took to vegetable growing as they did, it certainly left a niche for me to fully explore flower gardening. As a child, I remember my dad setting aside a small plot just for me amongst his vegetables. It was here that I was able to grow whatever I chose. I’d grow flowers, make bouquets, and deliver them to family members. Each autumn, after my grandfather had completed the trimming of his small vineyard, I’d use the vines to fashion grapevine wreaths and baskets. Growing up as a creative young boy who was fond of flowers wasn’t always encouraged, however. “Boys don’t play with flowers,” as I was told by an elementary school principal. Passion, however, is relentless in its calling…"

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