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 a beautiful thank you letter

a beautiful thank you letter

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UPPERCASE Subscription Draw

Last year, I did a draw for 100 complimentary subscriptions for folks in challenging circumstances. Over 740 people entered. (Read about it here and here. This also prompted me to list sponsored subscriptions in the shop, so that generous folks can sponsor fellow UPPERCASE readers experiencing tough times. So far, 28 subscriptions have been sponsored! Thank you!)

I know from your stories that reading UPPERCASE can be uplifting and motivating and, even, life-changing for some. Subscribing to the magazine is a considerable financial investment ($80 in North America and $120 everywhere else) and for some readers, that takes it out of reach. 

Perhaps you're going through a tough time financially, medically, emotionally... there are many factors that can get in the way of purchasing a subscription. If you truly cannot afford a subscription due to such circumstances and this is what has prevented you from becoming a subscriber, please enter your confidential information below and you'll be entered into the draw for one of 100 free subscriptions. 

Please note that for the purposes of this draw, simply being a student isn't a qualifying situation. Please ask your school's library to subscribe for you and your classmates. Thank you for understanding.

Please use the honour system — I trust that you are submitting your name because this is the only way you can access an UPPERCASE subscription. Please enter only once, otherwise you will be disqualified. 

I will be drawing 100 free subscriptions on February 28.

If you know someone who would benefit from this offer, please send them the link to enter. Gift Subscriptions can be purchased for specific friends or colleagues or you can also purchase a Sponsored Subscription which we will also give randomly to someone on this list.