First look at the next cover!

It's that time again... time to reveal the next cover of UPPERCASE !!!

Do you love buttons as much as I do? For me, loose buttons are nostalgic but also incredibly inspiring as I imagine the perfect project for each little gem. This is an assortment of vintage bakelite, casein and celluloid buttons that I've collected. I'm planning to print a gloss foil on the buttons to really make them shiny and to contrast with the uncoated stock of the cover.

The April/May/June issue explores how things glossy and plastic inspire our creativity. There are articles about vintage bakelite, fabric made from plastic, incredible (eco-conscious) projects by UPPERCASE readers (plarn = plastic yarn!) as well articles on using the newest technology in recycling for creating your own plastic projects. Another related theme is heat and fire, such as welding, lampwork, encaustics, glassblowing, ceramics and more. Fellow graphic designers, craftspeople and artists also submitted their stories about how to find a balance between creation and consumption with creative responsibility.

I'm very grateful to welcome back Appleton Coated as our paper partner—they are providing coated paper for the reader submissions section of this issue!

I hope you'll really take a shine to this new issue.
(Sorry, couldn't resist that pun. I promise to use it only once.)

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