Studio Tour: Debi Adams

If you'd like your studio to be featured here, in my newsletter or in the print magazine, please submit your photos here. Thanks! This is a colourful glimpse into Debi Adams' workspace. Let's hear more from her:

"I'm Debi Adams and I have been creating since about the 7th grade. Although I went to college to be a teacher, art has always been and continues to be my passion. It is also my occupation, having worked in some form of the industry for nearly 35 years. Born and raised in Southern California, with my children grown and gone, I relocated to Phoenix to work at another art-based company. Adjusting to living in an apartment (from living in a home) has had it's challenges in creating a do-able workspace. However, where there is a will there is a way and, I made this work for me. Of course, I am a MAJOR junker and bargain hunter and enjoy looking for unique items to decorate or organize my art room. Very few items have come from a store with the exception of the drawers and they will be replaced as soon as I found some vintage piece that I can't live without and will work. The pieces that embellish my space are inspirational. I love to find the story behind each one, if possible. Just recently I have begun to add my own art to my corner of the room, which is my dining room by the way. If there was one word to describe my art or my style it would be eclectic. I love it all and feel so fortunate to GET to do what I love everyday."