Summer Sale on Back issues and older projects!

We use a fulfillment warehouse to store and ship UPPERCASE magazine and books where we dutifully pay the monthly storage fees and associated handling costs. However, starting in September, that company is implementing storage surcharges. In addition to monthly rent, they will be charging another $10.25 USD per cubic foot for products in inventory that are 6-12 months old and $20.50 USD per cubic foot for products that are older than one year. This additional cost will be incurred every six months. As you can imagine, boxes of books and magazines take up considerable space.

Selling back issues slowly and steadily has always been a sustainable part of the UPPERCASE business. We publish for the long term, with inspiring and beautiful content that stands the test of time. However, this new pricing structure at the fulfillment company is all about fast e-commerce and quick selling. While we examine our options on how to proceed, we have to greatly reduce our older inventory.

Please tell your friends and colleagues about the sale! Thank you.