Veer Remix Notebooks!

If you were wondering who we were making 10,000 notebooks for, the amazing client was Veer, the excellent source for stock images and distributor of typefaces! They've posted this preview image (above) on their blog today.

A while ago, I proposed a custom notebook for Veer, using their old print catalogues as the interior pages, interspersed with lined pages. They liked the idea—in a big way! (I had thought perhaps we'd make a few hundred or a thousand and didn't imagine it would turn into such a huge order.) The cover design, by Anna Coe, uses various logotypes, dingbats, and illustrations to spell the word REMIX. The cover is printed on transparent cellulose acetate, so with the randomness of a Veer page showing through, each cover result is unique. The majority of the notebooks we made are for loyal Veer customers, but some notebooks will be in their Merch store in the new year.

Thanks, Veer!

What does ten thousand look like?

For a little over a week, the team of Eclecto-makers and I have been working hard! On Saturday evening, we reached our goal: 10,250 custom-made notebooks beribboned and bound by hand. See those three pallets in the photo above? We did seven in total!

Heartfelt thanks to the amazing team of tireless staplers, collators, xyron-masters, and ribbon-cutters: Jenny, Colleen, Maija, Jen, Bonnie (thanks, Mom!) and gratitude to Glen, Janice, Amanda and Deidre. You were a pleasure to work with!

12,000 feet of ribbon (over two miles!?)
30,750 staples
4 pizzas
lots of coffee
1 batch of rice crispie squares (thanks, Colleen!)
many tired hands


Congratulations to the workroom!

The workroom is celebrating its second anniversary tomorrow - congratulations, Karyn!

"On Tuesday October 13th (6-8pm-ish), we invite you to drop by for some wine, cheese and birthday cake. Bring a friend or meet up with your past class mates, we'd love to see you and thank you in person. We'll be having a raffle that night for some fun prizes including class gift cards, a subscription to Uppercase Magazine, a Soak gift pack and more!"

the workroom
1340 Queen Street West

The workroom was featured in issue #1 and has been a regular stockist of UPPERCASE magazine. They've got some fresh Eclectonotes in stock, too! (all photos in this post by Karyn: see more great images on her flickr.)

Eclecto mania

I've been busy making Eclecto notebooks—I'm happy to tell you that they're being stocked in Paper Source stores in the USA! I'm very thrilled; I love their stores and always try to find one when I am visiting the US. You can also purchase Eclecto notebooks at Greenwich Letterpress (they also stock our magazine and will have issue two available in a few weeks.) You can also purchase a notebook or two directly from me.

Ali Z. sent me a photo of her Eclecto notebook in use:

Thanks, Ali! (I love to see UPPERCASE things in their new homes, so feel free to email pics of the magazine or notebooks in use.)

One of the many things...

... that I did this week. A special thank you to The Production Kitchen in Toronto for their large order of Eclecto Pads and Eclecto Type Treasures. (If you want some to give or get this Christmas, please order soon before I run out of supplies.)

There are also fresh batches of Peas & Carrots and Read & Write Eclectonotes available. Thank you to Frank & Margaret (Wichita), Room 6 (Vancouver), Cog & Pearl (Brooklyn) and Greer (Chicago) for your wholesale orders. Please visit these fine stores.

Introducing: Mirrors by UPPERCASE


These 3-inch pocket mirrors are hand-pressed in UPPERCASE. We have a selection of mirrors made from vintage maps from around the world and mirrors with lovely initials. More designs will be introduced over the next while. At just $7 for the mirror and its black velvet pouch, these are perfect stocking stuffers. You can purchase them in our online shop and in person. (Wholesale inquiries are welcome, too.)

If you'd like to make your own buttons and mirrors, drop in for a Sunday workshop!

One of a kind!

Eclectonotes are truly one-of-a-kind: each notebook is collated and assembled by hand using vintage papers and repurposed books. Each has a protective acetate cover with laser-printed graphics. They really come alive when the cover image is chosen and the acetate is overlayed. The interplay between the black line drawings and vintage paper underneath makes each one a truly unique item. I'm particularly fond of this Flora & Fauna cover and its vibrant red cardinals.

I am now working on uploading individual photos of Eclectonotes so that my online customers can make their selections based on the covers if they wish. (Prim & Proper, Arts & Crafts, Read & Write, etc.) You can also throw caution to the wind and select your notebook based on its theme and sample imagery and we'll choose a nice one for you.

Read & Write

"Tell me what you read and I'll tell you who you are."
–Francois Muriac

Read & Write Eclectonotes are a wonderful way to keep track of great books you are reading, lists of your favorite authors or the ones you've always wanted to explore. These lovely journals are also ideal for showcasing your own creative writing. Click here to see more eclectonotes in the 'Read & Write' category. Click here to purchase the one picture here.

His & Hers Eclectonotes for Adventurers

If you are searching for a memorable gift for your adventurous other, look no further than UPPERCASE's new line of Near & Far eclectonotes.

Channeling the adventurous spirits of Ernest Shakleton and Amelia Earhart, these notebooks offer a stylish blend of heroic romanticism on pretty paper. The covers are breathtaking and the pages inside are full of historic images and inspiration for travel writing, memoirs and wish lists for faraway places to see.

Click here to place an eclectonote order.

UPPERCASEyyc on Etsy

There are many talented crafty business people whom I admire on Etsy, so I thought I would give it a try as well. Since I already had an account as a seller and my photos were ready, it took a little over an hour to get my shop up and running. Thumbs up! So in addition to being in the UPPERCASE online shop, Eclectonotes are now available on Etsy!