New in the shop: Christmas Gift Pack + Subscription

It's really cold outside today and now it is snowing. The malls have their Christmas decorations up. Next week is American Thanksgiving. So I guess all signs point to Christmas! So in preparations for gift-giving season, I've uploaded a special item to the shop: an UPPERCASE Christmas Gift Pack + Subscription. This includes all available back issues (#7-#11) plus a subscription mailed to the USA or Canada for $150 (you save $20). I have VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES and once these are gone, that's it for issue #7; it will be sold out. (Issue #7 is only available as part of this pack. You might try the workroom for single copies of #7.) Please order your Gift Pack here.

The Art of Suhur

I am always interested to know how the magazine inspires people. When Mustaali Raj, an avid subscriber and regular visitor to my studio, mentioned that issue #9's exploration on how food inspires creativity led to a photo project with The Western Muslim, I was curious to see more.

"Of all the meals eaten during Ramadan, the Suhur (the pre-fajr morning meal) is the most diverse amongst Muslims all over the world. We thought to ourselves, wouldn’t it be interesting to see what others are eating? And we did just that. The Western Muslim is presenting “The Art of Suhur”, a photo album on our facebook page showcasing suhur meals."

Mustaali has sent in submissions for almost every open call! We published his matchbox labels, but alas didn't have enough room to include his pet portrait in the current issue. So behold, Cuddles, the pet cockatiel:

Thanks, Mustaali!

Mess is More

Making things requires making a mess. In issue 10, we celebrated the creative mess in all its shredded, snipped, smeared and scattered glory by asking our readers to submit photos of their creative workspace. Here are some outtakes—we couldn't fit everything into the magazine!

My name is Jessica and I’m the maker behind Miniature Rhino. I loved this “Mess is More!” call for submissions theme. As a maker, blogger, and blog reader I often feel like what we leave out our messes and mistakes. They are far more interesting than the perfect pictures we paint. I call these pictures my craft vanitas, and hope that you enjoy them!

Renegade SF: Brynn Metheney

One of the best things about Renegade Fairs is that we get to meet our many contributors. In San Francisco, Brynn Metheney came by to say hi. Brynn's conceptual creatures are featured in the current issue #10 with an article written by Glen. Brynn's The Morae River project involved creating an entire world and its inhabitants; we chose to include her work for its imaginative quality and that it worked with two of our themes of this issues—animals as creative inspiration and visual story-telling. Read more about Brynn and the article on her blog. Thank you Brynn and Glen for a great article.

Ten (times two)!

I can hardly believe that ten issues of UPPERCASE magazine have been created. TEN! The forthcoming issue is at the printer and will be shipping in a few weeks.

Our dapper covers were photographed by Christine Edwards. I fell in love with both these fellas: Scooter, above, wearing a striped pink bowtie, and Lincoln, below, wearing a polka-dotted number. And so we have two covers! Scooter—with that perfectly curly ear!—will be sent to subscribers and both versions are available for single copy sales in our shop.

Please subscribe today.


Be profiled in the next issue!

update: thanks, everyone -- I've more than enough for a few issues of profiles now!

I'm nearing the finish line for issue 10... I would like a few more subscriber profiles to round out that page. The first two submissions will be included in the next issue! Remember to include a photo, please. THANKS!

Please copy the following text and answer the following questions by email to and attach a photograph of yourself labeled with your last name (at least 2” wide at 300dpi).




How are you creative in your daily life?

What are you most curious about?

What is your most prized possession?

What is your favourite letter of the alphabet and why?

What is your favourite colour?

What is your preferred creative tool?

What is your favourite food?

website url, if applicable:

blog, if applicable:

shop, if applicable:

In Toronto

I haven't been to Toronto in a very long time. Perhaps it has been over ten years... so long ago that I can't really remember when. Glen, Finley and I are here on a whirlwind trip; we return home (briefly) and then go Edmonton to spend the weekend at the Royal Bison Craft Fair.

It was great to have dinner with my friend Aaron, from my good ol' art school and x-files days, and his wife Karen. (Both have written for the magazine. Aaron has an extensive interview with Jeff Rogers in the next issue.)

Another highlight was finally getting to visit the workroom in person. We profiled owner Karyn Valino in the  first issue of UPPERCASE and she and her sewing shop have been very supportive of the magazine. What a great space! Oh, the fabrics. I've lusted after them via her flickr stream, but to see and feel them in person was a treat. I bought a stack of fat quarters, just because. (Who am I kidding? I never have time to sew!) Karyn interviewed Sian Keegan for Issue #10, out in July.

(by the way, the workroom has backissues of 6 and 7 in case you're looking for those.)

Participate: the 10 best...

I can hardly believe that I am working on issue 10 (summer) already! TEN issues... that's over 1000 pages of content created so far.

In honour of number 10, I invite you to list your creative spin on "the 10 best ______." 

For example:

"the 10 best reasons to sleep in"

"the 10 best tools for drawing"

"the 10 best books on design"

"the 10 best places to find inspiration"

"the 10 best excuses for procrastination"

"the 10 best fixes for writer's block"

"the 10 best methods to jumpstart creativity"

Please compile your own "the 10 best" list: be serious or be funny, be practical or be fantastic. Be creative, be curious! Leave it in the comments or email janine {at} uppercasemagazine {dot} come with "10 best" in the subject field. Please provide your full name so that you can be credited should your submission be published. thanks! DEADLINE: MAY 20

Here are my "the 10 best qualities of UPPERCASE readers"

1. Enthusiastic
2. Talented
3. Generous
4. Sincere
5. Inquisitive
6. Connected
7. Inspiring
8. Optimistic
9. Friendly
10. Appreciated!