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'Pitch' can mean many things-there are camping connotations and musical connections to the word. (In the upcoming issue #14 we'll explore some of the sporting links.) In the competitive world of advertising 'the pitch' amounts to a multi-million dollar job interview.

This week AMC's show The Pitch finished its first season. This reality show without any psychopaths, histrionics or back-stabbing is rather refreshing in our modern times. Each episode simply features two agencies going head-to-head for a new client. It was fascinating to see the process these creatives took to solving the problems of their potential clients.

Episodes are still available and extended content can be found on the AMC site.

Issue 14 will be shipping soon

We're compiling the big mailing list for the next issue—get your new subscription or renewal in asap to ensure that you get the new issue as quickly as possible!

Issue #14 is about creative play: wordplay, concrete poetry, the typography of sport, plus a BIG feature about creative careers in children's books. 

In my house, the children's book "I Want My Hat Back" is a favourite. I love the simplicity of the layout and design and we all love the story about a bear searching for his stolen hat. Written and illustrated by Jon Klassen, I knew that Jon's combination of simplicity and sophistication was just the thing for our next cover. We are very fortunate that Jon created the playful cover of our summer issue.

Here's an animated preview of "I Want My Hat Back". Note the turtle!

UPPERCASE Issue #14 will be released in July. 

1 step closer 2 14


Issue #14 excitement is palpable. The file's been sent to the printer and the last changes have been made. Soon it will be in the hands of our subscribers and on the shelves of our stockists.

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Some of the best studio shots we've ever published: Oliver Jeffers by @jencausey Vangool
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The abecedary took two full days to photograph and design. Vangool
@sushipot Collection of blocks Vangool
I am so inspired by @uppercasemag. What could be better than a magazine for the creative & curious? Today: dreaming about writing for them.Katie
Petit Collage page! Vangool

Dispatch from London: Spitalfields with Emily Chalmers

Emily Chalmers: Caravan, Flea Market Style, Modern Vintage Style... Chances are, you love Emily's styling aesthetic as much as I do. Emily generously wrote the introduction to Tif Fussell's Dottie Angel book and though she and Tif were acquainted, I had not yet had the pleasure of meeting Emily in person. We arranged to meet for the Thursday vintage market at Old Spitalfields Market. Emily has a 4-month old (beautiful!) daughter who napped in her white pram while we strolled the booths.

Emily's old and new, mix and match style makes for homey and eclectic rooms—as well as a unique personal clothing style. I always admire people who can wear vintage pieces, but it never seems to suit me. I loved the textures and contrasts of her outfit.

The child's rolltop desk was something we both instantly were drawn to. Emily's daughter will get use this as she grows older and arrangements were made to bring it home.

The pile of letters spelled "coiffeur" and were only sold as a set (not to us, sadly.)

I could easily start a collection of antique ink bottles, but I resist the urge!

Me in my yellow jacket besides some typewriters. I have seen a lot of Londoners in the past week and I have not seen a single soul wearing a yellow slicker.

I would have purchased the tin sign "World's Greatest Weekly for Women" if it would have fit in my luggage.

Call for submissions: Zigzags and Chevrons


Sloppy Chevron Tote by Imaginary Animal

Trends: Chevrons and Zigzags

Zigs and zags: the chevron is very popular in design and craft right now. We're looking for submissions of handmade or design products that use this motif prominently (sorry, no illustrations this time, if you want to submit illustration, enter the "What's in a Name" call above). Submissions should be 6 inches wide at 300dpi and uploaded here. Please follow the directions and fill in the submission form at that link.

DEADLINE April 30.

What I'm working on this week...

Here are some shots of my inspiration whiteboard. I admit that it is completely styled for this photo and for the Evernote people who came by the office last week to make a video. The fact that people were coming all the way from California to film my studio was a big push to do some major spring-cleaning! On the board are some of my favourite notes and messages from readers and contributors; inspiring papers, fabrics and buttons; souvenirs from The Creative Connection, Alt Summit and Renegade Craft Fairs; a ribbon from one of the first gallery shows I put on back in 2005... Lots of good stuff that the packrat in me could never throw away.

So what am I working on this week? My to-do list is quite long with lots of small tasks between the big ones—I have a lot to organize, prepare and plan for my upcoming trip to the London Book Fair. I'm designing and writing a book and magazine catalog, highlighting my publishing efforts to interested parties attending the Book Fair. For the magazine, most of the content for issue #14 has been assigned, with the exception of few features for which I have to compose some email requests. This week is also First Thursday and we're having an UPPERCASE party! So cupcakes have been ordered, decorations are here, prizes have been procured and need to be assembled. (Yes, prizes!)

More frequent blog posts and original photography are also on my to-do list! Stop by again this afternoon for pictures of my neighbour E.G. Forge's studio.