Live Video Q + A with Jeanetta Gonzale

Live Video Q + A with Jeanetta Gonzale

I’m excited to be hosting my very first live video interview and chat, with surface pattern designer and creative coach Jeanetta Gonzales. Please register here for this FREE live event.

Thursday, June 20 at 1pm MDT

Los Angeles-based artist and designer Jeanetta Gonzales creates expressive and vibrant art inspired by her love of plants, flowers, colour and texture. Trained in fine art and graphic design, she creates work that is a unique combination of both traditional and digital media. Jeanetta finds joy in creating art for her own products and contributing her art through licensing it on apparel, greeting cards and home décor. Jeanetta also coaches artists, facilitating their artistic growth and confidence. She offers her tips for artists in UPPERCASE issue 41’s Surface Pattern Design Guide.

Have your surface pattern and art licensing questions ready to ask Jeanetta live.

The video chat will be recorded but only available on replay to members of the UPPERCASE Circle.

Register to get the link to the event!

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Surface Pattern Design Guide: Jennifer Moore, Monaluna

Surface Pattern Design Guide: Jennifer Moore, Monaluna

Jennifer Moore started out as an illustrator. Now she owns her own organic fabric company. "I loved art as a kid, but never really believed I would do it as a career. I have a clear memory of myself in a fourth-grade art class, working on a lush purple-and-blue mandala, and wondering if I could figure out a way to do that for a job. I decided that was ridiculous—no one would ever pay anyone to draw pretty patterns—so I took a winding path to finally doing this as a career."

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Wallpapers by Nottene

Kimberly Ellen Hall and Justin Hardison are the creative company, Nottene (pronounced [nuh-ten-uh]). Nottene was originally featured in the first edition of the Surface Pattern Design Guide. Since then, they've developed a line of wallpapers.


"Our papers are screen printed by hand in New York, and feature the signature and delicate motifs which are a continuation of the our interest in finding patterns in the small details of everyday life," says the pair.

I received their catalogue in the mail recently—though not in time to include it in issue 32 which was already designed at that point. But I thought I'd share a flip-through of it with you here. The inclusion of the actual samples shows how beautiful the wallpapers are—velvety and satisfyingly matte with hits of metallic. 

There's more to discover at Nottene.

Surface Pattern Design Guide: Shannon Newlin

With the Second Edition of the Surface Pattern Design Guide included in the current issue, I thought it would be interesting to revisit some of the artists featured in the first edition of the guide which was published in spring of 2014 as part of issue 21 (sold out).

Shannon Newlin


"After being featured in the 2014 Surface Pattern Design Guide I went on to submit my work to the West Elm in Charlotte, North Carolina," says Shannon Newlin. "They gave me the opportunity to sell my art in a month long art show and also become a West Elm LOCAL artist. In addition, I began licensing my work to manufacturers as well as annually participating in several indie art/craft shows. The art pieces shown here are just a few favourites from these shows."


"There have been several wonderful career opportunities since being featured in the 2014 issue." At the moment, Shannon is particularly excited: "I will have my first fabric line with FreeSpirit this spring!! It will be shown at the May 2017 Quilt Market. I am really looking forward to sharing this vibrant collection soon!"


The first edition is available as a free download over here.

Sarah Golden, Surface Pattern Design Guide

Image from Sarah Golden's  Instagram

Image from Sarah Golden's Instagram

I'm pleased to share with you the title page for the Surface Pattern Design Guide, 2nd edition, illustrated by Sarah Golden. For an assignment in Lilla Rogers’ Make Art That Sells illustration course, students designed the opening title page to this guide. There were many outstanding designs to choose from! Sarah Golden’s submission was selected for her simple botanical motifs, playful composition and integrated handlettering—a great example of current styles in surface pattern. 

The title page for the UPPERCASE Surface Pattern Design Guide, 2nd Edition, is illustrated by Sarah Golden. Look for the Guide as part of UPPERCASE issue 32 (Jan/Feb/March 2017).

The title page for the UPPERCASE Surface Pattern Design Guide, 2nd Edition, is illustrated by Sarah Golden. Look for the Guide as part of UPPERCASE issue 32 (Jan/Feb/March 2017).

From Sarah's  Instagram

From Sarah's Instagram

Sarah Golden is an artist and fabric designer living in Sacramento, California. Block printing and gouache are her favourite mediums to work with. She creates a modern and handmade style through carving and through hand printing on paper and fabric, along with her use of colour. A love for Scandinavian design, vintage fabrics and geometrics inspire her work. Sarah’s first fabric collection for Andover Fabrics comes out in February 2017.

The Surface Pattern Design Guide is part of issue 32. Subscribe today!