soulful shooting with Alessandra Cave

photo by Alessandra Cave 

photo by Alessandra Cave 

post by Cara Howlett 

Alessandra Cave is a professional photographer from San Francisco, California whose photographs have been featured in Issues 19 & 20 of UPPERCASE. Her photos radiate life using natural light and soft texturing. 

Alessandra recently released her first book entitled Shooting with Soul. A “how-to” book of sorts, Alessandra guides new (and experienced) photographers through 44 photography exercises encouraging them to learn the skill of photography, as well as learning more about themselves. 

“As you embark on this journey to shoot images with soul, you should dive into this adventure knowing that your camera is not what matters most when it comes to creating images that you and others will love,” writes Alessandra in the book’s introduction. 

“The real magic comes from your heart and how you see the world in your own unique way.”

Shooting with Soul guides its readers through photography exercises like taking photos of family traditions, taking a nature walk and capturing the surroundings, and bringing their camera to work to see their work environment through a curious lens. 

In each exercise, Alessandra includes photos to illustrate the assignment, as well as instructions on how to achieve the best photos possible.

One of my favourite exercises is Exercise 7: What is in your bag?

"From the most obvious to the most unexpected, each thing we carry holds a story, an idea, and a feeling," writes Alessandra. 

I love that Alessandra is really encouraging readers and participants of Shooting with Soul to capture unique traits about themselves. No two people carry around the exact same items in their purse, backpack or wallet. What do those contents say about you and your life? 

Here are the contents of my bag. 

photo by Cara Howlett

photo by Cara Howlett

These are the items that are always with me, whether I am at work or out and about, these possessions always come along for the ride. 

As you make your way through Shooting with Soul, your photography skills will improve as well as, Alessandra says, “find a window into your soul.” Her exercises encourage you to slow down, take a look around, and capture what means the most to you. 

photo by Alessandra Cave

photo by Alessandra Cave