finders keepers

We're not sure who this particular stockist is... if you know, please comment.

We're not sure who this particular stockist is... if you know, please comment.

Mister Edwards sent us this image from the Finders Keepers market held in Sydney last weekend. (We're envious of your shorts and shirt sleeves weather, Australia!) Mister Edwards has some quirky items in his shop, too, if you're still looking for some gifts. Maybe a tea towel of found images and type, silkscreened by the Mr himself? Or perhaps the manliest tea towel of them all?

reader: lee isherwood


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Country: Australia

How are you creative in your daily life? From 9-5, I am a graphic designer. But it doesn't stop there. I am constantly embarking on new creative projects, whether it be designing my own jewellery, experimenting with typography or creating unique knickknacks for my friends. I guess you could say that creativity is my form of escapism.

What are you most curious about? Where amazing ideas come from.

What is your most prized possession? I have a small box which by another standard would be considered full of junk. One item inside this 'junk box' is a ticket my dad gave me from his first train trip to work 40 years ago. It is khaki green and all worn around the edges with a small hole punched out of the corner.

What is your favourite letter of the alphabet and why? A lowercase t in roundhand calligraphy. What is usually two straight lines becomes an elegant beautiful letter.

What is your favourite colour? Gun metal grey.

What is your preferred creative tool? Adobe illustrator (and my mind of course!)

What is your favourite food? Vegemite and beetroot on toast.


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