Issue 41's cover, animated by Lucie Duclos!


The cover of our new issue is by UPPERCASE subscriber Lucie Duclos, whose colourful and patterned collages caught my eye on Instagram.


I liked the idea of creating a cover with found patterns (plus a few from past UPPERCASE covers). It's abstract with a nod to mid-Century shapes, and the dimensional shadows make you think that the elements are still at play. (Don't sneeze!)

lucie in progress.jpeg

"I have always been interested in pattern design on textiles," says Lucie. "My grandmother was an avid and talented seamstress and would bring me along on Rue St-Hubert in Montreal where all the little fabric shops were lined up for several blocks. She would head straight for the remnant bin in search of the perfect little “coupon de tissu” as she called them in French. I was in awe of her skills and was fascinated by her considerable fabric stash and how quickly she could transform a piece of fabric into a stylish and fashionable garment. Everyone in the family had something made for them by grand-maman Lucile. I was named after her and she remains a powerful source of inspiration in my life."


Lucie lives in Victoria now, where she teaches design workshops such as an intro to fabric design. She also offers many online courses.