Eclecto notebooks


The perfect travel companion, “Near & Far” contains old maps, geography textbooks and historic images, allowing you to travel in time and space.

Be inspired to compose your next best-seller with “Read & Write”. Vintage papers include dictionary pages, images of great authors, pages of fiction and inspiring images of old.

For recording your creative endeavours, “Arts & Crafts” notebooks inspire your projects with inserted pages fun old-school craft books, needlework magazines, and crazy fashions from the 1970s.

"Flora & Fauna" contains encyclopedia pages, National Geographics, Audubon animals and other representations of animals and plants.

“Facts & Figures” contain old ledger paper, indexes, tabulated figures, how-to and other methodology of yesteryear.

“Peas & Carrots” contains old recipe books, Women’s Day magazines and images of food like Grandma used to make.

Details, below, of the transparent covers, interior lined and vintage papers, and the spine detailing.

Pretty tired

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the Eclectonotes preview party this evening. For those of you who missed it, no worries — there are plenty of Eclectonotes for everyone. I will post images of all the Eclecto lines tomorrow morning and everything will be available online as well. It's been exhausting but satisfying to get to this point and I think I'll sleep really well tonight! Until tomorrow...

Eclectonotes revealed this week!

I don't have time for Type Tuesday postings today... I'm getting ready for the grand reveal of the new line of Eclectonotes! Eclectonotes are unique notebooks made with repurposed and vintage papers interspersed between designed lined pages, printed on 100% post-consumer waste paper. Please join us Wednesday afternoon from 4pm - 7pm to celebrate the new notebooks and get first selection of these one-of-a-kind, handmade notebooks.

Here are just a few teaser images! More coming soon. (The notebooks will be available online this Thursday!)


Many things accomplished today on the new line of Eclecto Notebooks – files have been sent to the printers! I have designed interior lined pages and custom die-cut and foil-stamped spines, but the books will still have plenty of vintage papers, repurposed books and other paper treasures interspersed throughout their pages. I am also considering adding ribbon markers to my line of Eclecto Notebooks, in UPPERCASE colours of course!

How Magazine

My Eclecto notebooks and pouches are featured in the latest issue of How magazine. It's fun to see that they shot original photos! Alas, the problem with making things by hand is that it is time-consuming and I am currently out of stock of the notebooks. We do have pouches and notepads and Eclecto Type Treasures available in the shop. And I am working on making the Eclecto notebooks so that they are consistently available in UPPERCASE as well as wholesale, with redesigned covers, binding method and other features — giving the entire line a makeover! If you are interested in carrying the Eclecto notebooks in your shop, please send me an email and I will keep you up to date of the launch of the new items.

Other How magazine content of note: Joy Cho's Nantaka Joy products, an article on Old School artist Linzie Hunter's illustration and a commissioned illustration by Work/Life contributor Darcy Muenchrath.

UPPERCASE's Second Anniversary

The concept of UPPERCASE gallery, books & papergoods is to present the world of graphic design and illustration through products and exhibitions. Visitors can peruse a curated selection of high-quality books on visual and pop culture, purchase paper products unique within the city, and view artworks by internationally reknowned artists alongside emerging and local talent.

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun! It has been very satisfying to develop UPPERCASE, both as a destination as well as a brand. It has become a fantastic outlet for all my creative enterprises, many of which extend past the gallery walls. UPPERCASE greeting cards are now being distributed across North America by Paper E. Clips (look for our typographic greetings at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts).

Our Eclecto line of buttons, journals and pouches made from reclaimed and vintage papers continue to be popular. Look for them featured in an upcoming issue of Lou Lou magazine dedicated to eco-chic > living. Folks in Edmonton can also find the Eclecto products at Collectiv (#102, 6421 - 112 Avenue 491-0002.

The biggest project to date is also a dream come true: to publish UPPERCASE books. Our first publication is entitled “The Shatner Show” and will be released to coincide with an exhibition this summer. The Shatner Show presents over 70 artworks inspired by William Shatner. The outstanding roster of participating artists includes Douglas Fraser, Calef Brown, Mark Todd, Martha Rich, Christian Northeast and so many more. Mr. Shatner has approved the project and a portion of all art and book sales will be donated to his charity.

Over the next months, we will be developing the exhibition’s website, Please visit now to see the full list of artists and links to their portfolios. To help with the initial production costs of the hardcover, full-colour book, we are looking for “send me the Bill” patrons. For $250, you will be placed, in the order received, on a VIP list. These patrons will be able to put their investment toward the purchase of the artwork of their choice. (Please note that Mr. Shatner will receive first dibs!) Patrons will also receive a free book and some other special opportunities. Please contact me for more details.

It is definitely an exciting and very busy time at UPPERCASE. I hope that you share my excitement for these many projects. As always, your patronage, suggestions (and help) is greatly appreciated. Thank you to all my loyal customers, enthusiastic friends and supportive family. A special thanks to my husband, Glen Dresser, for not tiring of all these crazy ideas and projects.

Introducing two new Eclecto product lines


Eclecto Papers!

A marvelous collection of vintage paper treasures. Each collection contains at least 100 grams of paper ephemera dating from the 1900s to 1980s. May contain, but not limited to: vintage labels (food, liqueur, cigar & pharmaceutical), postcards, clips from old magazines, sewing patterns, postage stamps & rescued letraset. All authentic articles, no reproductions! I've personally assembled each pack.

$25 plus shipping. Available online soon - for now, please email us to order. 


Eclecto Packs!

Vintage papers protected by clear vinyl, sewn into pencil packs/mini clutch purses by Janine Vangool.

$22 plus shipping. Available online soon - for now, please email us to order. 

packdetail4.jpgEclecto Paper content details.


buttons buttons buttons


Since the store's UPPERCASE U buttons have been so popular (750 given away since the store opened in March!) and my Eclectobooks have been well-received (60 made, only three left), the logical extension is to make buttons using my Eclecto collections of found papers and other interesting bits. Here are some preview images; Eclecto buttons are available in store now, and will be available online in the new year.


Here's a preview of the packaging, inspired by fabric notions and shirt buttons. Buttons packs have various "topics" such as Security, Fortune, Exploration, Comic Peril and Old News.