I'm busy busy busy finishing up the final pages for issue 4, which will be heading to the printer this week. I'm pleased that Paul Octavious is our featured photographer in the upcoming issue. You can preview his work on Flickr, where he just posted this book sculpture ode to 2010. Look for a fun interview with Paul (and his Mom!) in the winter issue.

Back to designing and proofing! see you soon.

On the Christmas wish list...

There's something about a well-designed handbag that makes me happy... a bag is like a great book: it has a lovely, enticing cover, and you just want to know more about what's inside! The story of what's inside might change with your life and seasons, but if it has good structure, you'll love it for a long while. Some time ago, I came across photographer Kelly Moore Clarke's website and she was blogging about her development of a stylish camera bag. There is a distinct lack of good-looking, feminine yet functional camera bags — especially for those of us with big cameras (Canon EOS 5dmkii!), so I signed up to be alerted when her designs became available.

Kelly Moore Clarke describes her idea: "About three years ago, I started sketching and dreaming about having a handbag/lens bag line of my own. As a photographer and a woman, I was always left wanting more when it came to my options for a stylish, functional bag that I could use to carry my equipment while I photographed. I sat down and made a wish list of everything that I wanted in a great bag, and now 3 years later, I'm so excited that my wishlist has come to life!!"

The result looks pretty great (hint hint, Glen!) and I wish Kelly much success in the launch of her bags. (She's getting the word out by asking bloggers to help spread the word, click here for more info on how you can help and get a discount towards your purchase. I've done something similar with promoting our magazine in the past, and it definitely helps to broaden the traffic to your site.)

UPDATE: Kelly emailed and the discount code is "bloglove" and is valid for $50 off until JANUARY 8. Thanks, Kelly!

Cover photographer: Adrian Gaut

We are so thankful to Peter Buchanan-Smith for arranging our cover shoot with photographer Adrian Gaut. They graciously took my photoshopped mockup of what I envisioned for cover and made it happen long distance in New York. Adrian has an impressive and diverse portfolio of work. He is equally adept at architectural photography, landscape, portrait and product shots.

Fine art gelatin silver prints of Adrian's axe photographs shown above are available here.

Thank you to Chris Young at Printcrafters (they print our magazine and are responsible for that intense inky aroma that we all love!) for letting us know about Best Made Co.

Polaroid Notes

A new shipment of papergoods has arrived in the store! Lots of lovely new things, particularly from Chronicle Books. One of my favourite photographers, Jen Altman (Jen11, Old School) has curated a Polaroid Notes card set, based on her book "The Love of Light". The cards are just slightly larger than an actual polaroid picture,  but with some visual texture and laminate coating the notes really do feel like the real thing. Drop by the store to see what else is new!

Analogue Masters

Here's a blog I've been meaning to recommend: Adam Scott's Analogue Masters

"Analogue Masters is here to celebrate everything that isn’t 0s and 1s!—although I’ll be doing this via the internet which is a digital platform—I’m not anti-digital but the world is pretty saturated with digital photos, high definition movies and software synthesizers. The aim here is to create a little corner where we feature Analogue Masters in photography, film, music and design; showcasing work, cameras, shops and exhibitions."

Look for Adam's photography in the upcoming issue of the magazine.

Type Tuesday: The Alphabetography Project

Thanks to Nimish Paresh for sending me a link to this project: "The Alphabetography project began among friends and independent artists spread across the country who have an eye for the simple art of letters, fonts, signage and typography. We eat Alpha-Bits cereal, drink alphabet soup and watch Sesame Street for the letter of the day."


I am smitten with the intimate photographs Elliott Landy took of Bob Dylan in the 1960s. The picture above features Dylan outside his home in Byrdcliffe, N.Y., near Woodstock, 1968. Landy shot with infrared color film, turning the leaves a brilliant fuschia. To see more of these photos, click here.

Issue 2: the cover!

Seconds, anyone?

I've updated the shop so that if you have already purchased a single copy of our launch issue and have decided to subscribe, you can start your subscription with the second issue. The Summer issue will be out in early July. (There are still a couple dozen copies of the launch issue reserved for new subscribers, so start your subscription from the very beginning! Issue one will ship asap and you won't have too long to wait for a second helping!)

Our new front cover features the photography of Vicky Lam and styling of Christina Yan.

The Balloon Project

In the spring of 2009 under the creative direction of artist Colin Menzies and photographer Wilmer Aburto, a group of children from the Boys & Girls Club of Calgary were inspired to create a world of their own. Each child was presented with the question, “If this balloon was magical, and could fly you away to any other world - what would that world look like in your imagination?” The young artists then added their own illustrations to the photographic portraits. The project will be exhibited with the Creative Kids Museum Exhibit at the Science Centre in Calgary from May 21st to June 25, 2009.

Pattern Draping at Shisomiso

My neighbours, Shisomiso, will be hosting an Introductory Pattern Draping course instructed by Angelika Werth (see dress above). Angelika Werth has worked in Fashion, Fibre and Wearable Art. She started her practice with a three year dress-making apprenticeship; worked for Yves Saint Laurent in Paris, France and received a degree as Master dress-maker-designer, she immigrated to Australia, then to Canada.

One full day will cover mannequin upholstery to change body proportions; followed by three full days of Pattern Draping. Two classes are available; May 28-31st and June 2-5th from 9am-4pm. You will need to provide your own mannequin. For more information about the course, please call Shisomiso at 403-266-4211.

Shisomiso is also hosting an exhibition of Calgary photography Amy Victoria Wakefield, so be sure to visit Shisomiso this First Thursday.

Oh Happy Day!

Meow! Janine sent me this inspired kitten photo (image credit) when she heard I was planning on adopting a furry friend. I am happy to say that I will be celebrating this Easter with Leo, my fabulous new feline companion. He is sweeter than a chocolate bunny.

A special shout out to my friend Amber who showed me the 'way of the cat.' Thank you Amber!

Happy holiday weekend to all.