Show and Tell: Sugarcane Toddler


Ria Faust's company is Sugarcane Toddler. Her first mini collection of clothes will launch soon. There was an audible "awww" from the audience at 3 Fish Studios, registering their approval of the cuteness factor of Ria's clothing designs!

"Sugarcane has teamed up with Anthill Fabric Gallery for fair trade of native Filipino textiles. Anthill fabrics are intricately woven on wooden looms by artisan mothers, supporting their families and preserving their craft. These days indigenous fabrics see little use. In order to preserve the art of hand loom weaving, Sugarcane is exploring a new way of using traditional textiles with kids' clothes."

Ria's daughter Amelia (below, in the yellow dress) didn't quite have the stamina for the whole Show and Tell evening, so unfortunately Ria had to leave quickly after her presentation. Read Ria's post about her Show and Tell experience on the Sugarcane Toddler blog. Thank you, Ria, for an excellent presentation and lovely clothes.

wisam purple.jpeg

3 Fish Studios

Located just steps from the beach, 3 Fish Studios is a welcoming storefront and working printmaking and painting studio.

Located just steps from the beach, 3 Fish Studios is a welcoming storefront and working printmaking and painting studio.

Annie Galvin chats with a guest.

Annie Galvin chats with a guest.

That's Annie's show-stopping large-scale print of a California bear hug. (Prints available in their online  shop .)

That's Annie's show-stopping large-scale print of a California bear hug. (Prints available in their online shop.)

Robotic inspiration for Eric Rewitzer's  linocuts .

Robotic inspiration for Eric Rewitzer's linocuts.

Eric Rewitzer

Eric Rewitzer

Annie's painting area, nestled on the second floor overlooking the shop.

Annie's painting area, nestled on the second floor overlooking the shop.


3 Fish Studios was the perfect venue for the UPPERCASE Show and Tell. Annie and Eric were generous hosts and their studio was amazing. Formerly a neighbourhood grocery store, and then a dance studio, now the main open area is their gallery and printing area. In the back is a small kitchen that leads out into a covetable garden space. Although it was too chilly to hang out in the backyard, with a large state of California-shaped table, it would be great for a gathering. Upstairs, Annie has a painting studio along with a computer office area and a table for preparing prints. There was a small window peering over the shop area which would have made for a great photo of the Show and Tell proceedings, but I was a little too busy with that to steal away for a picture. I took photos and notes of all our presenters and I'll share them on the blog throughout the week. Lots of great creativity to share!

type tuesday: Christopher Rouleau

Chris Rouleau (with help from Erin) shows his work at our Show and Tell event held last Thursday at Kid Icarus.

Chris Rouleau (with help from Erin) shows his work at our Show and Tell event held last Thursday at Kid Icarus.

Our Show and Tell event at Kid Icarus last Thursday evening was lots of fun. Everyone presented such interesting work! I look forward to sharing some highlights here on the blog. First up is Christopher Rouleau, who is actually a friend of Jocelyn's (our new subscription/distribution manager). Chris was in Calgary a few weeks ago and generously gave me the excellent print of his capital hand-lettered alphabet.  Chris hails from Toronto and is a graphic designer and lettering artist, so we invited him to share his work with the Kid Icarus crowd.


To view more of Chris' work and to purchase his prints, visit his online shop and blog.


Coincidentally, I ran into Chris randomly in downtown Toronto on Sunday! I guess it's not such a big city after all. (And one could use the Toronto print that he sells to get around.)


show and tell toronto


We're heading to Toronto for the National Magazine Awards (UPPERCASE is nominated for Magazine of the Year!) and we'd love to meet our readers.

Janine (publisher, editor and designer of the magazine) and Erin (publicity and marketing) are hosting a Show and Tell at Kid Icarus. Are you an illustrator, craftsperson, designer or a generally creative soul? Do you have an idea to pitch to us? Have you dreamed of being published in UPPERCASE? Bring one example of your work and share it with us!

(Or, just come and say hi. We're really friendly.)

Thursday, June 6

Kid Icarus
205 Augusta Avenue

Please RSVP to Erin by June 5th, space is limited!

UPPERCASE button-making fun tomorrow

hmm... I don't think this is how the library was promoted a century ago... a roadside sign tweeted via instagram...

UPPERCASE will be at the Louise Riley branch of the Calgary Public Library tomorrow as part of the city-wide celebrations of the library system's 100 birthday. There will be food trucks, music and activities such as button-making with yours truly (from noon-3pm) and a craft with children's book illustrator Carolyn Fisher.

I'll also have copies of the magazine for sale at a special in-person party price! And if you subscribe in person, you will receive a free back issue.

If you're not in Calgary and would like to subscribe, we have a $14 off coupon for the online shop: just enter the discount "I'veBeenUnderARock" which is valid on orders over $50.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Our event at Anthropologie!

Now that was a crafty extravaganza! We had four tables of things to make: notebooks, necklaces, buttons/mirrors and decorative orbs. Here's a quick gathering of our tweets and instagrams; I'm off to get a good night's sleep. Thank you to Erin, Megan, Chantal and Eleanor for their tremendous help, and to the fine and friendly folk at the Chinook Centre Anthropologie store. We'll post the pictures from our event photographer, Abby Hutchison, soon.

UPPERCASE + Anthropologie Calgary: special event!

Click on the image to see full size.

UPPERCASE magazine is very pleased to be part of Anthropologie's roster of quarterly magazines. (They've even done a nice feature about UPPERCASE and other fine publications on their website.) As a small publisher, their support is very much appreciated.
We've organized a creative event in Calgary's Anthropologie store on Thursday, May 24: a few hours of crafting with UPPERCASE and the visual display team from the store! Space is limited, so please RSVP to secure your spot or get on the wait list (please note that the attendee list is managed by Anthropologie).
It's going to be pretty and fun! I hope to see you there.

Dispatch from London: Ray Stitch (part 2)

I'm home in Calgary again and trying to take it easy since I really pushed myself on this trip and caught a cold at the end of it. Our home's internet, TV and phones were out for the past day so that was actually quite useful in contributing to some down time.

As promised, here are some of the fine folks who attended the Ray Stitch meet and greet.

From top to bottom: Ray Stitch is Rachel Hart's wonderful shop. That's her behind the counter in the teal sweater. / Excellent food for the event. / Lots of people came to say hi! I'm sorry, in my fog I have forgotten some names. Here's Janet Clare with her book, Freya & Fred. / Alex and Pui-Yee browse the latest issues. / That's Francisca Prieto (profiled in issue #12) and me. We look related, I think! / More details of the event and fine folks who supported it by braving traffic and weather.

Dispatch from London: Ray Stitch (part 1)

Ray Stitch is a very attractive shop. Here are some exterior photos before the Meet & Greet event, after (another) rain shower. Fitting, though, for issue #13 which is about how weather affects/inspires creativity.

More about the event and people pictures to follow in the next while. Thank you to everyone who came out and to Rachel and Michelle for their efforts, this great venue to meet my readers and for the all-round support of UPPERCASE. Thank you to Sam for the tasty food.

UPPERCASE meet and greet tonight in London's Ray Stitch

Please join me at Ray Stitch, tonight (Friday) at 7pm. Click here for directions. (If you want to purchase a copy of the latest issue (#13), Ray Stitch has the only copies in London.) It's an evening of craft and conversation surrounded by the inspiring haberdashery and fabric selection offered by Ray Stitch. We'll be stringing together colourful bead necklaces, an activity that was such a hit at the Alt Summit. It's a free activity, easy and fun to do while noshing and sipping and talking.

See you!

If you're not in London we have a consolation discount code: meetandgreet for $5 off your order until end of day Saturday. 

It's First Thursday: Lucky 13 Party

The party decor is being set up! Inspired by the cover, we have paper pouf clouds and silver streamer rain.

These are just instagram pics; I look forward to sharing more photos later.

We're open from 6pm – 9pm. All ages welcome for bingo, cupcakes and photobooth fun. And pot of gold prizes!

Art Central, corner of 7th Avenue SW and Centre Street, kitty corner from the Hyatt Hotel and at the Centre Street LRT stop. Hop on over...

Tomorrow's First Thursday!

My red typer. She's a beaut!

I've got lots of chalk markers leftover from the Alt party (check out the video)—let's decorate the windows of UPPERCASE and have our own doodle party. I have chocolate cookies to share, too. And if you want to typewrite a Valentine to your sweetie, my typewriters will be available to serve you.

UPPERCASE will be open from 3pm to 8:30pm this Thursday.