Issue 26: July-August-September 2015

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Dear Reader,

Even the smallest things have the potential to inspire us in big ways. The postage stamp, seemingly so simple, is one of the smallest ubiquitous pieces of printed-on-paper graphic design that is still part of our everyday lives. These tiny works of art represent a world of opportunity for creatives. Whether they decorate a wedding invitation, are part of a mixed-media collage or represent the ultimate career highlight of becoming part of your country’s history: we all want to put our stamp on something. 

In a circuitous way, philately leads us to another area of interest: perforations and crafts made with holes, like lace and doilies. On closer reflection, stamps and lace aren’t so distantly related afterall. Attention to detail, all-consuming and patient work... both stamp collecting and lacemaking stand the test of time. Preserved in the dry gum back of a stamp or carefully crocheted within a doily are fond memories, familial ties—and love. It’s not surprising that these topics are so dear to one’s heart.