Issue 35

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October / November / December 2017

Dear Reader,

In our busy lives, there are two things that we all experience on a daily basis: type and time. Whether we’re handwriting a grocery list, minding traffic signs on the drive to work, typing an email, scrolling through our phone or reading a book, there are messages for us to create or interpret at seemingly every waking moment. In turn, it feels like time is passing ever more quickly and that there is never enough of it.

Let’s slow it down. Let’s spend some time appreciating the beauty of a single letterform: the curve of an “s” or the simple geometry of an “o”. In this issue, we’ll see what inspires designers to create a typeface and what drives artists to become alphabetically obsessed. 

Let’s also capture those fleeting moments by capturing the data created by the minutiae of our lives. Let’s record the details of what makes us unique, let’s be invested in our time here—to make sure that we use it well.

-Janine Vangool
publisher / editor / designer

UPPERCASE cover 35 by Rachel Castle.jpg
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The cover art is by Australian artist Rachel Castle, profiled by writer Emily Orpin.


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UPPERCASE is pleased to welcome our new business columnist, Arianne Foulks, brand identity and online shop design expert and founder of Aeolidia.