Issue 40

january / february / march 2019

cover by  Laura C Moyer

cover by Laura C Moyer

Dear Reader,

Ten years ago, when I first set out to publish my own magazine, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had a vision, optimism and a line of credit and I thought that’s all I would need. To say that I’ve learned a lot since the inaugural issue would be an understatement.

To accomplish something big—something beyond our current capabilities—there’s a simple first step. Believe in yourself. There’s an infinite number of steps after that (and missteps are certain), but confidence coupled with perseverance can get you through. 

Now, with a decade of experience behind me, I’m reflecting on UPPERCASE’s legacy so far, and its longevity. Musing on the simplest and most common art supply, the pencil, I wonder what makes something long lasting? What qualities make the pencil so iconic? How can UPPERCASE be an indispensable creative tool? With the kind encouragement of you, my readers, I look forward to figuring this out in the years ahead!


Forty issues later, this magazine for the creative and curious is celebrating its tenth anniversary. This is a milestone for any magazine, let alone for an independent publisher. It’s an accomplishment that is shared with UPPERCASE’s talented contributors and you, its loyal subscribers. Without your enthusiasm for the magazine—sharing with your friends, your colleagues and on social media—we wouldn’t continue to grow. Without your generosity in subscribing, we wouldn’t be able to consistently publish our ideas with ink on paper. As publisher, editor and designer, I am inspired and motivated by the UPPERCASE community on a daily basis—you mean a great deal to me! But this community stretches beyond print. Through the pages of the magazine and connections made online, our community has hatched and nurtured countless other creative endeavours. In this Anniversary Supplement, I invite you to get to know more of UPPERCASE’s friends and supporters. They’re independent, enterprising and talented creatives—just like us!

This 16-page Reader Supplement was included in subscriber copies of issue 40 (as of December 5). All paper copies of the supplement have been distributed, but you can flip through this digital version with active links over to the participants.

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