Issue 41

april / may / june 2019

cover by  Lucie Duclos

cover by Lucie Duclos

Dear Reader,

As creative people, we’re drawn to decoration—give us a white sheet of paper or a blank canvas and our first inclination will be to give it purpose through line and colour. 

This applies to our surroundings as well: from the rugs beneath our feet, to the upholstery upon which we sit, to our windows and walls—surfaces are tufted, woven, papered and draped with texture and pattern. Our domestic spaces are galleries of pattern with everything from ceramic and enamelled surfaces in the kitchen to soft surfaces of furniture and bedcovers adorned with design.

When we sew our clothes and/or make a quilt, we owe a large part of the pleasure in that making to the beauty of the patterned fabrics we select in reflection of who we are, or want to be.

Patterns are ubiquitous, and yet, there’s always room for more beauty and colour! Whether in trendy motifs, new and surprising points of view, or in deeply personal expressions, pattern has the power to punctuate our lives.


cover by  Julz Nally

cover by Julz Nally

This issue contains the third edition of the UPPERCASE Surface Pattern Design Guide and features profiles of 100 established and up-and-coming designers as well as Top Ten Tips from industry experts.

It’s a must-read for aspiring surface pattern designers and a valuable reference for those sourcing new talent! 

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