Issue 6, Summer 2010

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Let your mind wander… from Seattle to Seoul, Philadelphia to Finland, the United States to the United Kingdom: we meet creative people and encounter inspired projects from around the globe.

An underlying theme of this issue’s content is about finding a sense of place, whether by documenting your spot in the world in a shoegazing self portrait or seeing how others have marked their places through thoughtful graffiti, photographs and sketches.

With a fondness for things of the past, we see old suitcases as muses and vintage luggage labels as typographic masterpieces. Silent film stars become our current crush. Summer treats like snow cones and milkshakes fill our stomachs and pretty images feed our spirits. Antique Airstreams and caravans whisk us off on creative adventures.

There’s much to discover in this issue UPPERCASE and we’re delighted you’re with us for the journey!