Artists, designers, crafters and makers using our creativity for good.

Using our creativity for good is one of the best ways we can make a difference. Through design, art and craft—and with our hands and hearts—we can affect change. However small it may seem at first, each incremental effort is still significant.

The idea for Make it Worthwhile began a few years ago, and I first tried to create some momentum via a Tumblr website and Instagram account to share a collection of projects, people and organizations that are dedicated to making their creative endeavours worthwhile. But with only me contributing content, I burnt out quickly.

I took the idea to heart, though, and am actively working daily to make sure that what I create via UPPERCASE is worthwhile and has a positive impact in the world.

Each quarter, I provide Creative Boost subscriptions to readers facing difficult circumstances and to send complimentary cartons to community-minded non-profits. Starting in 2019 with each print run of the magazine, I will give away at least 500 copies for these purposes. I've already given away hundreds of back issues to schools, arts groups and other non-profits.

With each subscription and renewal, UPPERCASE also purchases a tree through TreeEra. Though the magazine's interior pages are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, it feels right to help replenish forests.

My resolve for 2019 is to find better packaging solutions for UPPERCASE magazines and books.

You can be a positive force through your art. You can craft a difference. You can design a solution.

You can make it worthwhile.

Janine Vangool
UPPERCASE magazine

UPPERCASE print subscribers can join this discussion in our private online community, the UPPERCASE Circle. Within this group on our UPPERCASE Circle, please share links to projects, people and organizations that are dedicated to making their creative endeavours worthwhile. They’re going beyond thinking of themselves and discovering how they can better the world whether that’s through craftivism, raising funds for causes, fighting for equality and lifting up underserved groups or simply using one’s talent to highlight something of importance. If you have a project that is Making it Worthwhile but aren’t a print subscriber, please email me directly to gain access to our group.