lettering by Brian Hurst

lettering by Brian Hurst

New Illustration Talent

Whether fresh out of school or embarking on a second career, these 30 talented artists are stepping into their vocation of drawing pictures for a living. Click on their portraits below to go to their websites. 

I received over 300 portfolio submissions from hopeful new illustration talent from around the world. To view the list of everyone who entered and peruse their links, click here. There's plenty of amazing talent and I'm sure you'll discover some new favourites!

Adriana Bellet

Aniek Bartels

Becca Cahan


Brian Hurst

Cathy Westrell Nordström

Charlotte Ewing


Christine Witte

Georgie St Clair

Grace Robinson


Hae Jin Park

Jag Nagra

Jennifer Wambach


Karen Weening

Keith Hau

Leah Quinn


Linda Yan

Lynn Scurfield

Marijke Buurlage


Melanie Lambrick

Molley May

Natalie K. Nelson


Rachel Suggs

Saki Tanaka

Sibba Hartunian


Somin Ahn

Sophie Dufresne

Sue Pat


Tara Galuska

Tara Lilly

Tiffany Mallery