The Shatner Show

76 artists interpret the life and career of William Shatner, pop culture icon


From his iconic Captain James T. Kirk through the steely resolve ofTJ Hooker, the wisdom of Walter H Bascom, the irreverence of Denny Craneor the seemingly hundreds of smaller roles that have filled his career(one of our personal favorites being the Commander Buck Murdock inAirplane 2), William Shatner has shown an uncanny ability to alternately(and sometimes simultaneously) embrace and transcend thosepreconceptions about him. Perhaps this is nowhere exhibited better thanon his recent musical album with Ben Folds: speaking (not singing, ofcourse) with open candor at times about his fortunes and failings, itbecomes clear that the person who has played these characters has somuch more to say than the characters themselves. Now in his 76th year,  he continues to produce with a voracity and enthusiasm unrivaled by hispeers. Whether it s a comedic or dramatic role, a gameshow, voice-workfor a documentary or animated program, or even a seemingly lowlybreakfast cereal commercial, each thing he touches is elevated to aplane that s all his own.

With playful reverence to this entrancing icon and fascinatingindividual, UPPERCASE gallery has created The Shatner Show: anexhibition and book of artwork depicting William Shatner, featuring thework of 76 artists and illustrators from Canada and the US. Mr. Shatnerhas endorsed the project and provided the following statement:


"Every artist has their muse. Leonardo was inspired by the ceiling inthe great chapel. Michelangelo found his art in the Italian marble. Whoam I to stand in the way of all these fine artists and artisans whowant to use my lumpy, aging face for inspiration? Some creators love agreat sunset; some have in mind my bloodshot eyes. Nevertheless, out ofawe, amusement, or pity, you should come and see this unique show."

— William Shatner on The Shatner Show, 2007