Why subscribe to UPPERCASE?

It's a gorgeous magazine that has an amazing shelf life. Keeps on inspiring.

Kavita Ramchandran, SUBSCRIBER

Thank you ever so much for every issue of UPPERCASE. Every issue is ever so gorgeous, so full of inspiration and information, full of love and soulfulness!

Susanne Walther, subscriber

So much beauty and inspiration! Love the quality paper, visual eye candy! When I get an issue in my mailbox, it's like getting a precious gift I can't wait to open. Your vision is a gift to many like myself.

Denita Purser, Subscriber

The design of UPPERCASE really is superb. I always have motivation to do something big after reading my latest issue!

Simone Fraser, subscriber

I just received No:25 in the post and my heart skipped a beat, how do you keep the standard so high?!!! Love your magazine soooo much…thank you is not enough.

Kim Costello, subscriber

Thanks for your AWESOME mag which is always quality and inspiration! xo, Neko


Uppercase ALWAYS generates a creative spark in me... every issue! I love the paper, the design, the positive vibe, the connection to artists around the world. You have filled a void. Thank you. 

Nancy Gurganus, subscriber

OMG the entire magazine is soooo incredibly divine, I'm so humbled and honoured to be featured! My work is completely harmoniously nestled amongst other like-minded folk within its pages—I'm completely blown away! 

Anna Church, featured in issue 23

UPPERCASE is truly something amazing, impressive, beautiful.

Denyse Schmidt, QUILTER & AUTHOR

I’ve always loved how much detail and thought goes into each issue of UPPERCASE magazine. Issue 23 holds a special place in my heart though. For one, the issue is all about calligraphy and lettering so every page is a treat.

Ana Reinert, the well-appointed desk

I just received my first issue and WOW! I'm blown away!! Words cannot express my joy and delight! 

Nan Dodson

I know issue 22 is old by now but I still want to belatedly express how thrilled I am to have it! All pages are so fulled to the brim with inspirational delight I want to cry. And then resume drawing! Thank you for being you and keep growing more into yourself as a magazine, and a group of fab humans. I feel like I'm with my tribe when I open UPPERCASE.



I wish I had the proper words to tell you how much I love UPPERCASE magazine. Seriously it brightens my whole month when I get a new issue! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product. Your fan forever,


I can’t stop hyperventilating. #22 gave me a reason to keep going (artistically not physically —well maybe that too!). There is nothing better than sipping a mug of espresso and flipping through a pile of UPPERCASE, completely forgetting I’m in the middle of a Toronto winter. Cheaper than wine or a vacation and safer than drugs (LOL). Though I did feel my brain expanding! Thank you for creating this sanctuary for dreamers and creatives.


A few weeks ago I ran into a blog post on Design*Sponge about the future of print magazines; and that's where I found UPPERCASE. The magazine looked mighty good on its well-curated website; and considering my latest obsession with print magazines, I figured I'd order a back issue to see what's it's really like. 

I'm so glad I did. 

I have only seen issue 20 so far; but loved pretty much every single aspect of it. The articles, the photographs, the design. I am a huge print design enthusiast. The first few things I check out as soon as I pick up a magazine are -- other than photographs -- the font used for the body text, the font size, how well the pages have been used, the amount of white space (or empty space), quality of advertisements, color co-ordination, and a few other things. I haven't been able to find one single flaw with this magazine yet. The body font is a beautiful serif font (if I were a typographer I could probably tell you what font it is, but I'm not, sadly), the font size doesn't hurt my eyes as I'm reading (something I have been struggling with quite a bit lately; what's with the tiny fonts and whoever likes to squint their eyes all the time as they read?), and every single page has been utilized to fill them up with interesting content without making them look cluttered. In short -- perfect!


It was such an easy decision to renew my subscription. It is always full of amazing content and inspiration, and I’m so happy to support such a wonderful, thoughtful publication. 

Robin Wieskus, illustrator

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